Stay Based Tours

With our handpicked stay experiences you need to look no further. Designed to suit all tastes and budgets, our accommodations all over India promise to provide you the best of what you wish. The luxury stay properties come with world-class facilities, hospitality and hygiene, and safety. While staying at some of the world-famous properties in India, one gets to experience an unmatched personalized service one can dream of. Romantic getaways are the places to opt for all those looking for some pampering and care. The love is in the air with candle-lit dinners on the beach, besides the stepwell, on the hilltops, terrace gardens with the most mesmerizing views and settings. The Spa hotels, wellness retreats in India are a must on your itinerary for enjoying a holiday in true terms by rejuvenating and relaxing. The tour to India is incomplete without trying the authentic Ayurveda massages with herbal oils or the modern spa with aromatic oils. The age-old techniques of massages to relax the muscles and the nerves is sure to make you come back for more. The heritage stays in the palaces, Havelis and mansions are perfect for travelers looking for a royal feel. Boutique hotels are new on the block with unique elements and ambiance.


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