Art & Handicraft tours

India a culturally diverse and distinct country boasts the origin of its art to prehistoric times in the 3rd millennium B.C. The distinct use of natural dyes, soil, mud, leaves, and charcoal in the age-old Indian Folk Art is a great specimen of love for nature of the Indian artists. Indian folk art is still alive and passed down from one generation to the other. The Indian crafts are a riot of colors, textures, mediums, and motifs and a specimen of the cultural diversity and rich artistic tradition of India. Indian art ranges from indigenous textile weaving techniques, inlaid marblework, embroidery, silk, brocades, block printing, carpet weaving, and much more. The handicraft includes the famous metallic ornaments, wooden artifacts, terracotta products, pottery, puppetry, ivory, and bone carving. The artistic and creative souls can pick any of the tours to these art workshops to explore the techniques and skills of the local artisans in the interaction sessions with them.

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