High Season : October - March
Low Season : April - September
Nearest Airport -JAI
Sanganer Airport, Jaipur
Nearest Train Stations -AII
Ajmer Junction


Epics say that Pushkar floated to the surface when Brahma dropped a lotus flower on earth. Conforming to Hindu way of life, this pond-sized town is largely associated with a few renowned sacred places in India.

The rarity of Brahma temples in the world renders Pushkar enormous significance as it homes some of the renowned Brahma temples under its ambit.

So, rows of sacred ghats in bounty can be witnessed through a mystically magnetic lake enhancing its beauty unimaginably. What’s more, you can also enjoy hundreds of milky-coloured temples along with weather-touched domes. Sitting beneath a shifting, pale grey sky and witnessing the beauty of Pushkar is indeed magnificent.

Facts & Culture

Celebrated as the king of all pilgrim destinations and glorified as a leading Hindu place of worship, Pushkar; probably the only place on the earth where Lord Brahma is worshipped in a temple is a domicile of over 500 shrines dedicated to Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Visited by millions of devotees every year, Pushkar is also renowned world wide for its famous Pushkar Mela; the biggest cattle fair of the country.

Pushkar Mela, a five days festival celebrated in the Hindu month Kartik that falls in the month of October or November is the annual livestock fair held at Pushkar. Also known by the name ‘The Pushkar Camel Fair’, this Mela is acknowledged amongst the world’s largest camel fairs and acclaimed as the only fair of its kind in the entire world. Other than buying and selling the livestock, the Pushkar Mela also highlights several competitions like ‘Camel Race’, ‘Matka Fod’, Longest Moustache’, Bridal Competitions’, Cricket Matches between locals and tourists, and many more attractions that include songs, dance, music, and exhibitions. During this time of the year Pushkar becomes the ballpark of cultural synthesis when colorfully dressed people, merchants, traders, musicians, artists, acrobats, folk dance performers, comedians, religious persons and innumerable tourists assemble and enjoy to their fullest. 

Accommodation & Hotels

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