High Season : Nov - Feb
10 - 14℃
Low Season : Mar - June
27 - 34℃
Nearest Airport -UDR
Nearest Train Stations -ABR
Abu Road


Mount Abu was once known as the Arbudaanchal. The area was once known as Arbudaranya ("Arbhuda Forest"), and "Abu" is an acronym for that name. Mount Abu is said to be the original home of the famous Gurgar. Many inscriptions and inscriptions, especially Tilakamanjari near Dampara, document the connection of the Gurgars with this mountain. According to tradition, Saint Vasishta made a great sacrifice on Mount Abu to ask the gods for justice and protection of the region. Saint Vasista is believed to have retired to the southern branch of Mount Abu after disagreements with Saint Vishva Mitra. There is also a historical story about the mountain now known as Mount Abu, so this mountain was later named "Abu Dalania" and gradually became Abu. The fall of Mount Abu began in 1311 when Rao Lumba of the DeoraChauhan dynasty conquered it and ended the control of Parma.

Facts & Culture

The hotel is located 1,722 meters above sea level in the beautiful green hills of the highest point of the Sierra de Aravales. It used to be the favorite vacation spot of the ruling royal family. The residences here are a mix of English-style bungalows and royal cabins that share space with the various indigenous tribes of the forest. Beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and green forests abound in this wonderful hill station. There is also a protected area on Mount Abu where visitors can observe langurs, sambars, wild boars, and leopards. Jodhpur and Udaipur are a short drive from Mount Abu. The Divala Temple, the Brahma Ashram, Guruhihar, and the holy places of the Jains are among the most famous religious buildings here. The 4,444 Dilwara Jain temples are compared to the Taj Mahal for the grandeur and splendor of their marble. These temples, dating from the 11th to 13th centuries, are as magnificent as the Makrana marble that was used to build them. Each part of these temples, dedicated to Jain Tirthankaras, is adorned with intricate sculptures. The highest and perhaps most picturesque peak on Mount Abu is Guru Shikhar. The serenity of the temple erected on this summit is evident. The Seven Lakes, which have a fascinating history, are located in the heart of the city, at one end of the commercial district. The many rock formations that surround the lake are a fascinating feature. They are known as Toad Rock, Nun Rock, Nandi Rock, and Camel Rock for their resemblance to these characters. Mount Abu is a peaceful place ideal for religious pilgrimages. Thousands of visitors and believers come every year, to visit the place.

Accommodation & Hotels

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