High Season : Oct - Mar
10 - 25℃
Low Season : Apr - Sep
50 - 28℃
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In 1156, Rawal Jaisal Singh, a member of the Bati family, established Jaisalmer and made Jaisalmer Fort the capital. In 1293, after the Bhatti clan confiscated a caravan full of wealth, Jaisalmer witnessed Alauddin Khilji's first siege. Rawal Sahal Singh changed the fate of Jaisalmer after treating Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as superior. Later, with the support of Shah Jahan, a noble named Sabala Sinha ruled Jaisalmer. It was then that the power of the Prince of Jaisalmer reached its peak, but in 1762, when Rawal Muraj took the throne, the wealth of the country was depleted and the province was lost. Jaisalmer continued to be ruled by the prince of the Bhatti clan until 1818 when Mulraj formed a political alliance with the British to save the dying country. Today, even today, Batty’s descendants are still involved in many developments in the area and surrounding areas. 

Facts & Culture

Jaisalmer is a prominent tourist destination in Rajasthan and is also called the "Golden City" because of its golden sand and forts made of sandstone. It has become one of the most visited destinations in India, especially for tourists who come from afar. The exotic land of Jaisalmer presents the diverse cultures of Rajasthan. The ancient and authentic traditions of Jaisalmer are very attractive and attract tourists. The Jaisalmer Fort of the Golden Fort has its own significance as it is a living fort with thousands of people living in it just like a small township. Kuldhara Village, Gadisar lake, Jain Temples, Tazia Tower, Badal Palace, and  Bada Bagh are a few marvels to see in the city. Jaisalmer boasts of some splendid architectural marvels commonly known as 'Havelis'. These were built by rich merchants in the past and have magnificent paintings and artwork that mesmerize one and all. The famous among them are the Patwon ki Haveli, Nathmal Ji ki Haveli, Salim Ji ki Haveli. Jaisalmer offers some thrilling experiences to the visitors with its famous Sam Sand Dunes where one can enjoy a sunset on a Camel ride or indulge in some Dune Bashing. The city has a rich cultural heritage with exclusive handicrafts, dance, music, and festivities. desert Festival is the most popular here. In Jaisalmer, one can hear the melody of traditional Rajasthani folk music, which is basically a folk song called "Rasos". Kalbeliya dance of the snake charmers community is famous. In addition, what attracts tourists is the very warm, friendly, and caring attitude.

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