High Season : Oct - Mar
10 - 25℃
Low Season : Apr - Sep
25 - 43℃
Nearest Airport -JAI
Sanganer Airport, Jaipur
Nearest Train Stations -KOTA
Kota Railway Station


Bundi is a city with many monuments, including spectacular medieval fortresses, palaces, Havelis, and stepped wells. These are considered the main attractions of the city and have their roots in the history of the rulers of Bundi. There are also temples that are famous for their exquisite sculptures and murals. 

 In times past, the surrounding area of ​​Bundi was deceptively occupied by many local tribes, the main tribe of which was Palihalminas. It was once known as a princely state of Rajasthan and was named after a former Meena king named Madan Shrestha. The city of Bundi was under British control, and many Rajput kings worked under British command to regain control of the city, but in fact, it has been moving around. According to Bundi’s story, Bishan Singh established a secondary relationship with the British East India Company, which actually protected him, and was responsible for the construction of a beautiful palace called Sukh Niwas in the suburbs of Bundi.

Facts & Culture

Bondi has 50 step wells, which were built around 1699 for public use. Among them, the most beautiful step is Rani Jiki Barol. Bundi is one of the few Indian cities with its own painting style. Visitors can see beautiful paintings at the Chitrashala in Fort Bundi and Fort Dugari. Bundi's paintings were influenced by Mughal and Ragmalian paintings. Petroglyphs can also be seen in the Bundi Palace. These paintings represent the evolution of humanity; the social, cultural, and economic life of ancient peoples.

Tourists visit Bundi in large numbers to enjoy Bundi Utsav. The Rajasthan Ministry of Tourism organizes Utsav every year until November and December. Organize competitions for music, dance, sports, fireworks, and painting, arts and crafts exhibitions. Bundi’s other festival is the Kajli Teej festival. Although Teej is celebrated throughout North India, in Bundi, it is celebrated in a unique way. An exposition will also be held during the festival, which is a good opportunity to see Rajasthan arts and handicrafts.

Places to See

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