High Season : Oct - Mar
12 - 35℃
Low Season : Apr - Sep
42 - 35℃
Nearest Airport -UDR
Maharana Pratap Airport, Udaipur
Nearest Train Stations -BHL
Bhilwara Railway Station


In Indian mythology, Bhilwara is mentioned in Mahabharata, and it is said that Arjuna fought here when he went to Dwarika with all the Gopis during the Mahabharata period. The cultural history of Bhilwara can be traced back to the Nagar Brahmins mentioned in Skanda Purana. In ancient times, Bhilwara was part of the rulers of Guhil and Chouhan in the state. According to descriptions from ancient times, the city of Bhilwara is believed to have been discovered sometime in the 11th century, while a "Bhil" tribe built a shrine for Lord Shiva in the "Jataun ka Mandir" area. During the Mughal dynasty, Bhilwara was part of the Mewar Kingdom of the Shahpura Principality. The state of Mewar also established a Mint (Taksal) in Bhilwara, where coins called "BHILAI" were minted, from which the name of the area is derived. The state of Mewar and Shahpura Riyasat was merged into "Syunkt Rajasthan", and the district of Bhilwara was established in 1949.

Facts & Culture

Bhilwara is known as the "City of Textiles and Weaving Machines". The seamless integration of history, mythology, art, culture, and poetry creates a deep and prosperous city in Birwara, Rajasthan. The ancient fortress with collapsed walls tells the stories of centuries past and prides itself on being adjacent to the city's rapidly growing textile and manufacturing center. Poets find inspiration here and artists find inspiration here too. The city is also dotted with temples, many dedicated to Lord Shiva. Kyara Ka Balaji is where the deity of Lord Balaji seems to be carved into a massive stone. The Pur Udan Chatri is another such example. Ancient temples, lush green gardens, and beautifully carved rock formations only add to Bhilwara's understated beauty. The place is equally famous for its cloth paintings, amazing fabrics, and sweet delicacies.

Places to See

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