High Season : Feb - June
0 - 20℃
Low Season : July - Sep & Jan - Feb
-5 - 10℃
Nearest Airport -SXR
Srinagar Airport
Nearest Train Stations -JAT
Jammu Tawi


Until the 14th century, the Pahalgam area and surrounding areas were under the control of Hindu rulers. In 1586, Pahalgam and the entire Kashmir region were under Akbar's control. After the ruler Ahmed Shah Durrani invaded, it became part of Afghanistan in the 18th century. In the early 19th century, Ranjit Singh incorporated it into his Sikh dynasty and was controlled by the British only decades later. The British did not control Pahalgam for a long time. They sold Kashmir along with Pahalgam for 7.5 million Indian rupees (in the 19th century) to Gulab Singh, who became the king of Kashmir. According to the treaty, Kashmir and Pahalgam regions remained independent kingdoms during British rule until British India split into Pakistan and India. After independence, it became a part of an independent India.

Facts & Culture

Pahalgam, also known as "The Valley of the Shepherds", is located in the Anantnag district of Kashmir. It is a paradise for nature lovers. This famous Kashmir tourist resort is located on the frothy and babbling Lidder River. It attracts tourists with its lush meadows, green forests, towering mountains, apple orchards, and a very peaceful environment. Pahalgam is surrounded by beautiful hills and green trees, at an altitude of 2,130 m, the climate is not too harsh, and the breathtaking Lidder River flowing through the city is beautiful. Pahalgam is located at the confluence of the Aru and Sheshnag rivers, surrounded by tall fir-covered mountains and snow-capped peaks. It is also the starting point of the annual Amarnath Yatra, where thousands of Shiva devotees gather. Pahalgam is also popular with the hiking and adventure communities with camping in Tarsar Lake, Kolahoi Glacier, Lidderwat, and Panchtarni. For the ultimate excitement, white water rafting can be done on the Lidder River, which is also famous for fun activities such as trout fishing.

Places to See

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