High Season : Sep - May
-5 to - 25℃
Low Season : Jun - Aug
25 - 35℃
Nearest Airport -SXR
Nearest Train Stations


It has an average altitude of 1739 meters (5705 feet). It is now a separate district from Jammu and Kashmir. A religious saint gave the place its name Kulgam. Kul meaning "clan" and Gam meaning" Village". The saint had come to India from a place called Simnan in Iran. While traveling through the Kashmir Valley, he came to Kulgam and liked the place on a cliff overlooking the Veshaw River. He made Kulgam his permanent residence and was buried in the exact spot that he found fascinating. The spot is a magnet for the people of Kulgam and its surroundings. The Mughal emperors and the Dogra rulers frequented the place as it was their hunting ground, especially Shahanshah Shah Jehan, who laid the Chinarbagh, and Maharaja Hari Singh, and discovered the unspoiled potential of the shrine at Kutbal. The district is the birthplace of Sheikh Nooruddin Noorani, the founder of the Rishi Order and the ancestors of Allama Iqbal and Jawaharlal Nehru.

Facts & Culture

Kulgam is located 68 km from Srinagar and it is around 17 km from Anantnag. The District has tourist spots like: “Aherbal Water Fall” on Veshu Nallah which is a place of sight-seeing in the extreme South-West of Kulgam. The place offers splendid natural beauty with meadows and pastures all around. The District has a superabundance of natural & freshwater resources also in the shape of various famous springs, such as Kounsar Nag (ahead of Aherbal), Wase nag (Kund), Khee Nag (Khee Jogipora) etc.

Places to See

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