High Season : Feb - May
0 - 10℃
Low Season : May - Sep
10 - 20℃
Nearest Airport -SXR
Srinagar Airport
Nearest Train Stations -JAT
Jammu Tawi


Sultan Yusuf Shah, who ruled Kashmir in AD 1579-1586, is said to have been the first person to discover this valley. He got so mesmerized by its lush green grassy slopes dotted with wildflowers and thus named it Gulmarg (Meadow of Flowers). It was also the favorite of the Mughal Emperor Jehangir. Skiing came to Gulmarg in 1927, when the British established the Indian Ski Club here. British loved the place and it was a vacation destination for them. Skiing came to Gulmarg in 1927, when the British established the Indian Ski Club here. Gulmarg was a hill station famous among the wealthy ones in the summers with its cool and pleasant weather and spectacular Natural Beauty.

Facts & Culture

Gulmarg is located just 52 kilometers from Srinagar and is 2,730m above sea level and is completely covered in snow in winter. This makes it a center for adventure winter sports, such as snowboarding, heli-skiing (skiing down the mountain after being taken by helicopter), cross-country skiing (skiing on unconventional slopes), etc. In winter, it turns into a white wonderland, and skiers go straight to its famous slopes. Gulmarg has been declared the seventh-largest ski resort in Asia and called the " Heart Land of Winter Sports In India ". Gulmarg also boasts of the world's highest Golf Course in the most scenic location.

It sits on the lap of the majestic Apharwat peak and can be reached by the cable car, which is the second-highest cable car in the world. The rolling green meadows here are covered with wildflowers and shrubs, the snowy peaks of snow-capped mountains are all around, and the mountain streams are rushing by. The picturesque Gulmarg Valley is a small piece of paradise, surrounded by the majestic snow-capped mountains of Pir Panjal. Emerald green meadows, deep ravines, and pine-covered hills make this flower meadow (meaning Gulmarg) an ethereal spectacle that has inspired poets and artists for centuries. Some of the must-see locations here are Nagin Valley, Pattan, Apharwat Peak, and St. Mary's Church.


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