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25 - 35℃
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As per the legends, Bandipora the name originated from Bund of Wular as Bund e Pur from the locals singing the folklore. Bandipora was the connecting region between Central Asia and North India via Silk Road. The custom and immigration centre was situated at Pazalpora village in the earlier times. For the same reason, Bandipora was known as the Gateway to Central Asia. There have been several links between Bandipora and Skardu Gurez till today.

Facts & Culture

Bandipora is located in Jammu and Kashmir and is the administrative headquarters of the district. The town is located on the bank of the second largest freshwater lake in Asia the Wular. The lake is also famous for a variety of migratory birds. The town lies at the base of the higher regions like Gurez, Tragbal, and Razdan. Lolab Valley a famous place in the Kupwara district is next to the town. Bandipora is famous for three A s - A'lim (knowledge), Adab (good habits) Aab (Water). The town has a terraced garden similar to that of Nishat Bagh in Srinagar. Bandipora is famous for three A s - A'lim (knowledge), Adab (good habits) Aab (Water). 

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