High Season : Oct - Mar
30 - 20℃
Low Season : Apr - Sep
35 - 45℃
Nearest Airport -IXC
Chandigarh Airport
Nearest Train Stations -UMB
Ambala Cantt


According to the city's history, the area was created in the 14th century by Amba Rajput. It is also thought that the name Ambala is a corruption of Amba Wala, which means "mango village," referring to the nearby mango orchards. Another theory is that the city was named after the goddess "Bhawani Amba," whose temple still stands in Ambala.

Facts & Culture

Ambala, in Haryana, is a historical city bounded to the north by the Ghaggar river and to the south by the Tangri river. It is said to be the location of the Ashokan empire's great Buddhist center. Visitors to the city go to the Bhawani Amba Temple, which is devoted to Goddess Amba. There are a number of additional temples, gurudwaras, and churches in the area that may be visited. Ambala's Cloth Market is a key magnet for visitors from all around the region. This is the largest textile trading bazaar in the subcontinent, with a dense concentration of about 900-1000 wholesale stores. 

Places to See

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