High Season : Oct - Mar
7 - 25℃
Low Season : Apr - Sep
25 - 45℃
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Chandigarh Airport
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Chandigarh derives its name from the temple of "Chandi Mandir" located in the vicinity of the site selected for the city. The deity 'Chandi', the goddess of power and a fort of 'garh' laying beyond the temple gave the city its name "Chandigarh-The City Beautiful".

The city has a pre-historic past. The gently sloping plains on which modern Chandigarh exists, was in the ancient past, a wide lake ringed by a marsh. The fossil remains found at the site indicate a large variety of aquatic and amphibian life, which was supported by that environment. About 8000 years ago the area was also known to be home to the Harappans. In March 1948, the Government of Punjab, in consultation with the Government of India, approved the area of the foothills of the Shivaliks as the site for the new capital. The foundation stone of the city was laid in 1952. Subsequently, at the time of reorganization of the state into Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pardesh, the city assumed the unique distinction of being the capital city of both, Punjab and Haryana while it itself was declared as a Union Territory and under the direct control of the Central Government.

Facts & Culture

Chandigarh is the best-designed city in India, with world-renowned architecture and an unmatched quality of life. As the capital of Punjab and Haryana and of the Federation, Chandigarh is a prestigious city. Many artists and writers live in this city.

Chandigarh is known for its cosmopolitan culture, in which people of many castes and faiths coexist together. There are many Guruwala and temples in this city. The city holds various exhibitions and seminars from time to time, allowing people to see the charm of Punjabi art and culture. 

There are many places for the visitors to see in Chandigarh like Rock garden, Sukhna lake, rose garden, etc. The different food choices in this city, and there is a wealth of Punjabi food, such as Chhole bhature, makke di roti with sarson da saag. For sweets, you can try lassi, different types of halwas, rabrifaluda, etc. In addition to Punjabi cuisine, you can also find many restaurants serving Chinese and South Indian dishes. 

India's first planned city was a rich, prosperous, perfect, and spacious green city, aptly named "Beautiful City".

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