High Season : Oct - Mar
31 - 42℃
Low Season : Apr - Sep
11 - 18℃
Nearest Airport -PAT
Nearest Train Stations -MFP


Vaishali's name comes from King Vishal. From before the birth of Mahavira (599 BC), it showed that it was the first republic in the world, similar to The Republic of Greece was later discovered in ancient times. But excavations in the area revealed an impressive history. The story of King Vishal has been told in Ramayana. Historians believe that in the 6th century BC, here was the world's first democratic republic made up of elected representatives. In the era of Vajjis and Lichchavis. The Buddha also spent some time here, and his last sermon before his death was held here. When Buddha Shakyamuni visited it, it was an ancient city full of surprises, fun, and entertainment. To commemorate the Buddha's journey, King Ashoka built a famous lion pillar at Vaishali.

Facts & Culture

Today Vaishali is a small town surrounded by banana and mango plantations, as well as rice fields. From the perspective of religion, culture, and archaeology, Vishnu tourism is unfathomable. Ashoka Pillar is one of the famous destinations of Vishnu. It is located near the coronation pool. Ashoka Pillar is a lion pillar built by Ashoka. There is also a brick tower nearby, believed to commemorate the last sermon of the Buddha. Bawan Pokhar Temple is a Hindu shrine located on the north bank of a tank named Bawan Pokhar, Bawan Pokhara. Abhishek Pokhar is also known as the coronation pool, which contains the ashes of Sakyamuni. Raja Vishal`s Garh is said to be the former parliament building, Raja Vishal`s Garh. Kundalpur is the hometown of the famous Lord Mahavira, and Kundalpur is 2 miles from Bishari. Vaishali is famous for Vaishali Mahotsava, who celebrated Lord Mahavira’s birthday, and Sonepur Fair, 35 kilometers from the city. The Vaishali Museum houses some archaeological remains. Vaishali's Sikki work is a true achievement of craftsmanship, using grass to weave beautiful baskets and rugs by hand.

Accommodation & Hotels

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