High Season : Oct - Mar
31 - 42℃
Low Season : Apr - Sep
11 - 18℃
Nearest Airport -GAY
Nearest Train Stations -RGD


  • Rajgir, which means that the dwelling of the gods, is a city in the Nalanda district, about 93 km southeast of Patna. While the exact date of the Rajgir foundation is known, it is believed that the city is about 3000 years. Rajgir remained the capital of the Magadha Empire until Ajatshatru became the capital of the Pathiputra of his kingdom in the 5th century. The city is mentioned I n Mahabharata where King Jarasandha was killed by Bhima in an epic wrestling party. In addition to Mahabharata, the city is also mentioned in the newspapers of ancient Jainism and Buddhist scriptures, as well as by Buddhist travelers who visited the area during the Maurya dynasty.  According to legend, Shakyamuni Buddha often visited Jiwan Kamalawana Temple, which is located in a quiet environment. On Mount Gridhakuta; the Buddha converted a pilgrim to Buddhism. In very ancient times it was called by many names Rajgriha, Barad Rathapura, Girivraja and Vasumati. 

Facts & Culture

The city is an important part of the main religions, such as Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. Relics relating to Jainism and Buddhism were found here during archaeological excavations. It is said that Buddha Shakyamuni spent several months meditating on Grhidakut. The Jain Tirthankara Lord Mahavira spent 14 years in Rajgir and adjacent areas. Also, his birthplace and burial place is close to the town. Vishwa Shanti Stupa, built by the Japanese as a symbol of peace is the main attraction of the city. The ropeway to the stupa offers a magnificent view of the city and the Shanti self stupa. The hot water springs are famous for their medicinal and religious value. Venuvana is a famous park of bamboos, donated by King Bimisara to Lord Buddha. There is also a wonderful museum depicting the 24 Jain Gods and their life.  There are many other temples and monasteries famous among tourists. The city is surrounded by hills and offers numerous possibilities for excursions.  There are several  other places of interest in the city, including the Bimbisar prison, which was built by AjatshatuDu to imprison your father

Places to See

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