High Season : Oct - Mar
30 -42℃
Low Season : Apr - Sep
11 - 18℃
Nearest Airport -PAT
Nearest Train Stations -BXR


Buxar is a city of Nagar Parishad in Bihar, India, which borders Uttar Pradesh to the east. It is the seat of the Buxar District and the Buxar Community Development District of the same name, which also includes the census town of Salimpur and 132 rural areas. Buxar is commonly known as Mini Kashi, and it is also known as the city of Maharishi Vishwamitra and the educational place of Lord Ram. This city has an important religious culture and historical significance since ancient times. In modern times, the historic battles of Jossa and Busa took place nearby. Buxar is famous for its historical heritage and rich culture.

Facts & Culture

Buxar Railway Station is located on the Patna-Mughalsarai section of the Howrah-Delhi Main Line. It is about 125 kilometers from the capital of Patna State. Buxar is famous for its historical heritage and rich culture. The local language of Buxar is Bhojpuri. This city shares a border with Uttar Pradesh, which is evident in its culture. The city is heavily influenced by the Bhojpur culture, and Bhojpur is the main local language of the region.

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