High Season : Oct - Mar
12 - 21℃
Low Season : Apr - Sep
Nearest Airport -TEZ
Nearest Train Stations -TZTB
Tezpur Railway station


The old name of Tezpur was Haruppesvera in 650 - 900 A.D.The rock inscriptions at Harjar Varma indicate that the city has existed since 82930 AD. Modern Tezpur was established in 1835 by the British colonial government. In fact, the city is an important commercial center and was once used as a river port. After independence, the city continued to maintain significant momentum and was the site of the first power station in this part of the country. There are many legends about this picturesque slow-paced city, and it is said that it was the battlefield of the war between Harry (Lord Krishna) and King Banasura (the devotee of Lord Shiva). Local tradition says that Lord Krishna’s nephew Aniruda fell in love with Usha, the king’s daughter, and Usha did not approve of his marriage. The king put the young prince in prison, and when Lord Krishna discovered this, he attacked him with all his strength. Banasura lost the war and asked Krishna not to kill him, and then he showed the couple sitting in the royal carriage to the lord.

Facts & Culture

The name Tezpur is derived from the Sanskrit words "Teza" (which means blood) and "Pura" (which means town or city). Located in the Sonitpur district, Tezpur is surrounded by the raging Brahmaputra River and is considered the oldest city in Assam. The area is famous for its tea plantations, rolling tea plantations, forests, and national parks that attract large numbers of tourists to the area. Tezpur is a commercial center for tea, coffee, and other crops that are grown in the surrounding agricultural area. Lush green tea plantations, picturesque landscapes, and endless rice fields surrounded by the snow-covered Himalayas make the beautiful city of Tispur one of the most popular tourist destinations in Assam. Due to its ancient ruins dating back to the 4th century, history lovers also regard this place as their dream destination. The hills of Bamuni, Agnigarh, and Da Parbatia are some of the famous historical sites in Tezpur. In addition, the Regional Museum, Mahabhairab Temple, and Chitralekha Udyan are other must-see attractions in Tezpur. The city also provides tourists with the best wildlife experience in the Bracha Pori Wildlife Sanctuary. The Mahabhairav ​​Temple, Bhairavi Temple, Nag Shankar Temple, and Nameri National Park on the outskirts of the city are famous. The weather is pleasant throughout the year. Tezpur retains the core of Assamese culture and is known as the cultural capital of the state. Some of the important celebrations in the city are Bihu Festival, Dexing Festival, Patkay Festival, Alielegang Festival, Kamlubatali Festival, Biswakama Festival.

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