High Season : Oct - Feb
10 - 30℃
Low Season : Mar -June
20 - 31℃
Nearest Airport -JRH
Jorhat Airport
Nearest Train Stations -SRTN
Sibsagar Town railway station


Sibsagar is an important part of the history of Assam, located to the east of Jorhat. As the capital of the ancient rulers of the Ahom people, it had a great influence on culture. Sivasagar, formerly known as Rangur, was the capital of the Kingdom of Ahom from 1699 to 1788. The province was conquered by Britain in 1825 and completely annexed in 1826. For administrative purposes, it is divided into three subdivisions. It is said that Sivasagar's original name was "Kalansupar", which was taken from the name "Kalansu Gohain", he lived in a village that originally existed where the current Sivasagar tank is located.

Facts & Culture

Sibsagar has attracted the attention of history buffs who want to better understand the East Indies. Sivasagar, also known as Sibsagar, has a rich history and heritage, attracting tourists from all corners of the country. This city is one of the most important historical places of interest in Assam. It has a large number of historical monuments, most of which were built by the Kingdom of Ahom. The city is named after the original Sivasagar Lake, which has a history of more than 200 years and is a popular tourist attraction in the area. These historical monuments can still be seen and are currently the main tourist attraction in Sivasagar. Some more sites to visit are Tara Targaryu, Shiva temple, and Vishnu Temple. In addition, the city has incredible tourist attractions, the Taj Mahal Museum is one of them. When visiting Sivasagar, you can also visit several tanks. Pani Dihing Wildlife Sanctuary is another must-visit place that attracts many tourists. Whether you are a history lover, nature admirer, or wildlife lover, Sivasagar is a place suitable for all types of travelers.

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