High Season : Oct - Mar
23 - 20℃
Low Season : Apr - May
28 - 24℃
Nearest Airport -TEZ
Tezpur Airport
Nearest Train Stations -NGAN
Nagaon Railway station


Nagang was under Burmese rule until 1826. After the ratification of the Yandaboo Treaty, it was ruled by Great Britain. Nagaon was incorporated into the area in 1832 as an independent administrative unit. After a few years, the British finally settled in what is now Nagaon, on the Kalong River. As a regional headquarters, it was formerly known as Kagorjjan. After the district administration was renamed Nogon, it gradually grew into a wealthy city. The eastern, western, and southern margins of the newly established districts were once ruled by several small feudal kings or their agents. In the first half of the 17th century, Momai Tamuli Barbarooah, a courageous official to King Pratap Singa of Ahom, ingeniously exploited the remaining influence of the Bhutanese government and reorganized it. Previously, this area was more of a strategic issue than an administrative one. This is a reorganized village system, hence it is called "Nagaon", which means new.

Facts & Culture

Located in the evergreen state of Assam, Nagaon is a beautiful place that is home to the world-famous Kaziranga National Park. It is known to be effective in protecting the horned rhinoceros and many other threatened and endangered species. The national park is mainly made up of extensive landscapes, forests, and bodies of water and is home to thousands of species of plants and animals. It is partially located in the Nagaon district, your trip will not be complete without visiting this place. Nagaon is one of the most populated areas in Assam, also known as the Rice Bowl. Tourism is booming in this part of the state, and in addition to Kaziranga National Park, there are many things to do and see here. From monasteries to beautiful river ports, everyone will find something for themselves. Nagaon is one of the largest areas in Assam and has many tourist attractions. There are many temples and nature reserves in this place. The popular attractions are The Nagaon kala Mandir, Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary, Nagon Baptist Church, Shiva Temple etc..

Accommodation & Hotels

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