High Season : Oct - Feb
30 - 15℃
Low Season : Mar - May
32 - 22℃
Nearest Airport -SHL
Shillong airport
Nearest Train Stations -KXJ
Karimganj Junction railway station


Karimganj was historically, physically, and emotionally a part of Sylhet, which was part of Assam until 1947, when Sylhet joined Pakistan to the east.

 In doing so, he left behind a small Silhetis-speaking town on the Indian side, which is separated from the rest of Sylhet by the Kushiyara River: he obviously found it more convenient to let the river serve as a natural border in this part of Sylhet Assam. And so the city - Karimganj - was separated from its mother region. It was a partition within a partition. Karimganj, 313 km from Guwahati, is a sleepy town in Assam, far from the roaring noise of the cities, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Karimganj is the largest city and the administrative center of the district.

Facts & Culture

The Sylheti culture is Karimganj is a culture rich but veiled in the history of Assam. Following the introduction of Karimganj to Assam, the first generation migrants were eager to live in a new geopolitical area, seeking their identity and life in the newly established territory. The second generation came out to save their culture, identity and existence and to write about their history 


 The food preserves the exotic richness of the culture and the same goes for the Sylheti culture. Biroin Chaul (a glutinous rice type), Chunga Pitha (sweet powdered rice meat), and Shoishya (sweet powdered rice meat) (mustard seed paste). “ Biron Chaul is so important in Sylheti tradition that it is offered as a mandatory meal at all wedding ceremonies.

Karimganj is an example of unity In the midst of the country's ongoing religious turmoil. Karimganj stands out as the pinnacle of togetherness. Residents of Karimganj profess secularism in the form of "AaulBaulMarifati" (Sufi religious practice) and "Panchali Kirtan" (religious practice of the Vaishnavites). The popular culture, that is "Lok Sanskriti" of the Sylheti community, holds them together and reflects this association against each other in music, dance, handicrafts and literature, etc. The strength and the unbroken unification of the sylhetischen folk culture makes it alive and fresh even after the fragmented territory. The peoples are further witnesses of this union.Although the villages are called rustic, they have purity and scent of wealth at the same time without invading. If I describe Karimganj accurately, then it is the epitome of religious cooperation and coexistence. Muslims have the same entry rights. Karimganj has an intense source of culture linked to local tribes, languages ​​and traditions unique to its place of origin.

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