High Season : Oct - Mar
10 - 25℃
Low Season : Apr - June
25 - 35℃
Nearest Airport -GAU
Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (GAU)
Nearest Train Stations -BNGN
Bongaigaon Railway Station


The original Goalpara district was originally created in 1822 AD. The area of ​​the original Biini Kingdom, including the undivided area of ​​the Garo Hill District, also constituted the original area of ​​the Goalpara District. In 1866, the Garo hills area was separated from the Garo Hills area. Goalpara district and a new district called "Great Koch Behar" were created in the same year. Later the British government established a new province called the Assam Valley Province (the successor to the East India Company). The Goalpara area was withdrawn from Koch Bihar and labeled Assam Province The label, to this day, unless bothered by petty bourgeoisie political gambling.

Facts & Culture

An important city in Assam, Banggaon is the last capital of the Kingdom of Kamatapur and has many historical sites of Assam culture. This city, some 180 kilometers northwest of Guwahati in the state's heart. It exhibits the thriving Assamese town and culture. Bongaigaon's natural beauty has been preserved.

The city of Bongaigaon is known for its Buddhist cultural relics, which can be seen in its caves (also known as Gumphas) ​​and rock carvings on Jogigopha Hill. Some famous attractions are Bageshwari Temple, Rock Cut Cave, and many other places. Although the city is under development, the natural habitat is basically unaffected. The town of Bongaigaon is also the gateway to the Manas National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bongaigaon is also known for its petrochemical industry, which is a major refining city for the Indian oil company IOCL. It is the final capital of the Kingdom of Kamatapur and has several Assamese cultural-historical relics. Interestingly, Mahadev and his entire family are individually and collectively worshiped in their official names or simply or beautifully covered on different dates, such as Buri Thakurani / Garja / Kalima / Bamboo Puja / Madan Kam, Ganesh Puja Ramati, and others near Ahayapuri city. . Worth talking about

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